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Giving A Voice To The Voiceless

We are a 501(c)3) Non-Profit Organization

EIN: 47-3448522

Gallery of Rescues

One of these horses can be yours to sponsor or adopt----Please inquire with us regarding our sponsorship program and adoption availability! We rely on YOUR help to continue our rehabilitation, training, and sanctuary programs!

Blossom, 10-12 years old, on the Sunnyside Feedlot, December 2013

Blossom and her very ill broodmare mother were sold directly to the kill buyer from a dude ranch. We presume she is broke to ride but she has a severe swayback and displays anxiety and fear when a saddle is put on her back. We are allowing her time to overcome her fears and to gain security before we start training her. From her swayback and her responses to saddles, we assume this horse felt severe pain earning her keep on a dude ranch. We have provided her with chiropractic work. She is presently in sanctuary and is welcome to stay for the duration of her life.

Her mother was adopted out from the feedlot to a loving home in Northern Washington, has recovered, and is thriving.

Blossom, alpha mare in our sanctuary Summer 2014

Sky, senior mare, on the Sunnyside Feedlot, December 2013

Sky came to us severely malnourished, having been purchased by kill buyer at auction in Lewiston, ID. This horse was directed into the shipping pen upon being unloaded from KB's trailer, but refused to go to shipping and fought her way into the rescue pen.

Arrived at our barn with a body condition score of 1-1/2

Sky summer 2014

Sanctuary and children's program

Paloma, senior mare, off Sunnyside Feedlot, January 2014----Shipping only.

Paloma was a lifelong brood mare for a paint breeder. She was never halter broke and has severely deformed front legs and ringbone (arthritis) in her fetlock joints of both front legs. Her deformities were never addressed by her breeder, and with the additional weight of pregnancy year after year for much of her 22 years, we assume she has been in chronic pain for most if not all of her life.

She arrived at the feedlot, directly sold to the kill buyer, with a weanling colt by her side. Her colt Vito was adopted out but Paloma was not given the chance for rescue until we discovered her in the shipping pen and a kind soul paid her bail. She came to us pregnant, unbeknownst to us when we rescued her off the lot, and foaled Phoenix in March 2014.

Paloma is in permanent sanctuary with us and is having corrective trimming on her hooves, regular veterinary care, and chiropractic work to help relieve her discomforts and pain.

Paloma and her 3 week old filly Phoenix arriving at SWHR's facillity, April 2014.

Paloma and Phoenix living happily together, summer 2014

Phoenix will be broke to ride 2017 and available for adoption ADOPTED 2019

Beethoven, with us since June 2014 from the Sunnyside feedlot

Sold directly to kill buyer from Yakima, WA man who said he would shoot him.

Severely malnourished, poor skin and fur resulting from parasites and malnutrition, approx 6 months old when dumped on feedlot.

Would not come near a human being, extremely frightened.

Beethoven August 2014. Healthy, trusting, and happy with his people.

In training now at age 3, will be broke to ride 2017 and available for adoption

Henry, 4 years old, from Sunnyside feedlot April 2014, rescued from the feedlot by an individual who continued to fail him over the next 6 months. He was abandoned to our care in November 2014. Severely traumatized, Henry is now in training to reverse a lifetime of being rejected by human beings. He was born to and raised by people who did not teach him horse manners and space management, when he grew and became unruly and even dangerous to them, they sold him directly to the kill buyer. He was "rescued" by an individual who rehomed him to another person who abandoned him in a stall for three weeks. By then he was considered dangerous. He was returned to the original rescuer who did not want to work with him, and sent him to a trainer to be quickly broken to ride in 20 days. This, to Henry, was just another traumatizing experience in the long line of landing in strange places with new people, and being rejected again. He was finally brought to our facility and abandoned there. He was untouchable and deemed dangerous when he arrived in November 2014. ADOPTED SEPT 2016 to HIS FOREVER HOME!

 Rosie, 4 yrs old, in shipping pen of Sunnyside feedlot, June 2014. "Rosie" was a failed bucking bronco, "failed" meaning he did not win, who was sold at auction to kill buyer in Hermiston, OR. He was marked "shipping only" because of his background of bucking and his failure to be broke to ride. He followed me around in the shipping pen, days before he was slated to ship out to Mexico. He chose me, I purchased him to give him his second and lifelong chance.

Ferdinand Rosie is in training to reverse his breeding and training. He is descended from a long line of champion rodeo buckers.

Please note the livestock trailer in the background of this photo. This trailer transports the horses to their horrible fate of processing for slaughter in Texas and then slaughter across the border in Mexico.

Rosie In Training 2017, will be available for adoption when broke to ride.

Festus, senior donkey from the Sunnyside Feedlot, October 2014, came into the hands of a loving child.

He passed away while still in quarantine December 2014

RIP Festus

Beethoven cared for by children

Ziggy Stardust and China---senior mares dumped at auction by their longtime owners, Spring 2016. Silent Wave Horse Rescue outbid the Kill Buyers for them. They are both now in sanctuary, loved and cherished for life again.

Julian, rescued November 2017. In rehabilitation

Seniors in sanctuary at Silent Wave Horse Rescue, where they are loved and cherished

SWHR ADOPTION PROGRAM--finding loving forever homes for our trained Rescues!

United with their Forever People are:

Henry, Valentino, Bee Bop, Beethoven, Bob, Dixie, Clover, Rascal, Oreo, Phoenix,

Toby, and Shiloh